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Often times, we are in situations that leave us with limited time on hand while visiting places. This necessitates the need for dynamic planning in order to maximize visits to our priority places of interest within the time constraints. Voyagenius AI solution helps tourists plan their day trips in near optimal manner given their interests in a given tourist place. An example is shown on the right. The regions shown in colours are the various Places of Interest (PoI) where users can spend time visiting.

The Voyagenius app has been featured in iTunes Travel News section under “What’s Hot” as an app that can provide reliable near-optimal routing solutions.

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Voyagenius product

How it works

Available time

Time on hand

Travel time

Travel time between places of interest based on distance, mode of travel (on foot, public transport, taxi or combination of these as an example)


Time required to optimally cover each place at:

  • Leisurely pace

  • Normal pace

  • Real quick

Places of interest

User defined interests as an example:

  • Historical places: Must visit

  • Religious places: Must visit

  • Parks: Avoid

  • Amusement places: Nice to visit (etc)


Voyagenius fetures -1

This app is great for last minute planning or those who wish to tour places on the fly

It uses state of the art AI technologies that are proprietary to plan the visits

The provided list is near optimal and can work for both who wish to travel via walk or drive to the locations

The app has been featured across various iTunes sections such as ‘what's hot', 'new travel' sections.


While Intelligent Tourist Trip Planning is the most important application for Voyagenius, a host of other applications/ use cases where a customized version of Voyagenius can be used include:

Sales coverage: Optimized route planning for sales associates to plan customer visits based on various constraints such as customer segment, deal size, sales funnel stage, deal closure probability, waiting time, estimated call duration etc. from among a set of targeted customers for the day. This applies across a host of industries including direct or distributor driven sales.

Delivery coverage: Optimized route planning for a fleet of delivery trucks or services - based on factors such as outlet location, order size per outlet, traffic situation, fuel optimization, order priority etc. from among a host of factors for maximizing on-time delivery efficiency.

Service Support coverage: Optimized route planning for service or application support associates based on customer segment, no. of days open, problem complexity, spare part availability, customer profitability, estimated time for each customer etc. from among a set of customers assigned to service, application team member to attend in a day.

Real Estate Agent coverage: Optimized route planning for Home/ Office space agent based on various parameters such as location cluster, seller agent availability, traffic conditions, time at hand, buyer/ buyer agent availability, number of properties to be shown, funnel stage etc. from among many parameters that can influence this plan.

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