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Software architects, Academicians, Researchers, Machine Learning Engineers and Patent writers often have a tricky situation of converting their ideas into complex visually appealing block diagrams. The conventional method is to use the open-source latex language that needs exceptional programming skills making it time consuming and difficult. To address this, we at MCG have developed our product “”. This is a tool to simplify the generation of visually appealing high quality diagrams using latex by using the more popular (and familiar) Python language as the interface with Latex where the design of the block diagrams is coded using python. This is converted by Diagram. AI to latex code which is then compiled to generate high quality professional block diagrams such as complex flow charts, patent related block diagrams and process flow diagrams among others.

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Diagram product

How it works

Simple and fast

The platform makes use of python as the programming language as it is simpler and faster

Coverts to high resolution

Obviates the need for mastering the more complex Latex language for generating high resolution images

Complex flow charts

There is a library of functions available in python to design the block diagrams. The functions can be custom written for really complex flow diagrams

Converts python to latex

Once the python code is compiled, it is converted to latex. The latex code is then compiled to generate high resolution images/ block diagrams thereby simplifying the whole process


Diagram features -1

Simple to use as python is preferred and more widespread language of choice as opposed to latex

Plug and play approach to use the functions makes it intuitive and easy to use

Faster way of designing complex block diagrams/ architecture

Availability of fundamental functions makes the design of custom functions in python easier


The most important applications or use cases for Diagram include:

Patent Diagrams used in patent papers

Software Architectural Diagrams - Data Base Design, System Architecture, System Design for technology companies

Machine Learning Architecture - Complex illustrations such as Neural Networks, Transformers for Research papers

Complex process flow diagrams such as QA, RA or any other organizational processes

The above projects can be outsourced to MCG if in-house talent is not available for Python programming

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