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While AI infusion for a range of industries and use cases remains our forte, we have also developed in-house innovations at MCG that can be readily deployed across companies. Whether it is digitalisation of pdf documents such as invoices using InvoiceReader or answering pointed questions based on a detailed document using DocuBot or finding out the best route to cover points of interest in a city using Voyagenius, our products can be easily trained to adapt to and address your specific requirements. For more details, please read on...


Overview: DocuBot is our innovative NLP product that can answer specific queries from a document based on the contents in the document. This is a powerful tool to answer all the comprehensive questions thereby saving precious time and effort while improving productivity.


Overview: This is a tool to simplify the generation of visually appealing high quality diagrams using latex by using the more popular (and familiar) Python language. This generates high quality professional block diagrams such as complex flow charts, patent related block diagrams and process flow diagrams among others.


Overview: Often times, we are in situations that leave us with limited time on hand while visiting places. This necessitates the need for dynamic planning in order to maximize visits to our priority places of interest within the time constraints. Voyagenius AI solution helps tourists plan their day trips in near optimal manner.


Overview: The invoices often are in pdf format or scanned paper format that can take humongous time and effort to input to a digital format for future use or for authorities or audit. We have developed InvoiceReader to address this by transforming unstructured data into a structured digital format.


Overview: Currently databases need common ids to link databases. Gammalink can link such records even without such ids. It can learn efficiently from only additional new data  The accuracy obtained is much better than the conventional approach of fuzzy linking algorithms.

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