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Smart Infrastructure 

AI specifically has almost unlimited applications in Smart Infrastructure including Smart Cities and Smart Building with respect to security, waste disposal, traffic management and energy efficiency. Some of the use cases include:

Smart Infrastructue
Advanced surveillance systems through AI enabled cameras and sensors to enable:
  • Trespassing checks

  • Monitoring of unusual activities in restricted areas

  • Crowd monitoring and automatic alerts

  • Incident detection viz. street-fight, arson, fire, public property damage

  • Face recognition for pre/ post incident analysis

Smart Infrastructue
Traffic management and parking through CCTV cameras to enable:
  • Creation of real-time parking maps for easy location of parking spots

  • Traffic density based signal timing adjustment for smooth traffic flow

  • Detection of traffic violation such as jumping stop signs, lane switch and others

Smart Infrastructue
Drone based aerial view monitoring for inner city and other areas of concern:
  • Real time monitoring of areas where humans cannot reach easily

  • Traffic monitoring for over-speeding, dangerous driving on freeways

  • Illegal activities such as construction in green areas, smoke pollution monitoring

  • Green cover monitoring for healthier living conditions

Smart Infrastructue
Smart waste disposal system through sensors on smart waste bins through:
  • Automatic notifications when waste bins are about to be filled

  • Reduction in operating costs by reducing unnecessary waste pick ups

  • Dynamic and optimum waste collection routes through real time routing

  • Smart camera based street cleanliness monitoring and alerts

Smart Infrastructue
Optimized energy and water management  through smart measures that include:
  • Connection to energy efficient smart grid

  • Real time monitoring of energy usage

  • Energy efficient lighting systems

  • Hybrid ventilation systems including Air conditioners, heaters to reduce consumption

  • Smart metering for water

  • Automatic leak detection

  • Storm water and urban flooding management

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