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About Us

We deliver business enabling innovative, high quality solutions to our clients across a wide spectrum of industries and functions and specialise in using Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence towards this end. We are based at Mysuru, the city of heritage structures and palaces renowned for being one of the cleanest cities in India. Mysuru is also home to the centuries old Devaraja Market, filled with spices, silk and sandalwood. What’s less known is the fact that Mysuru is fast becoming the next IT and Innovation hub in Karnataka with software exports exceeding that of many other states in India. With its proximity to India’s silicon valley Bengaluru and the state government’s focus on making it a premier start-up hub, we couldn’t have had a better launchpad than Mysuru.

Our Story

From humble beginnings and a two member team, we are today a team of 30 members including our technology partners and mentors. We have successfully executed over 30 AI enabled use cases across the streams of Geo-spatial Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. One of the core drivers of our success is our LEAP values - that drive us to continuously Learn, Engage, Achieve and Pioneer with active and ongoing feedback from our stakeholders - clients, associates and partners.

Our logo is inspired by the famous Mysuru Peta, the classical royal attire worn by the erstwhile Kings of Mysuru. It is a richly bejeweled turban made of silk with gold embroidery to match with the colorful royal dresses. While the “peta” in the logo signifies the Mysuru connection, the adornments within signify a future ready high technology AI company.

Where we're going

We believe in focusing on our long term goals while delivering short term results. In line with this, we have taken an ambitious tangible deliverables for 2024-25 (versus 2020-21) deploying a detailed strategic plan. Our key deliverables with 2020-21 as a benchmark are:

  • Number of clients: 5x
  • Number of use cases: 4x

  • Number of Research papers: 3x

  • Number of New AI Products: 4x

  • Revenues: 8x

  • Team strength: 3x

Given our scientific capabilities, current client base and opportunities funnel and most importantly, a team that obsesses on client delight, we are confident of reaching our ambitious goals by the set deadlines. Towards this, we have set for ourselves tangible short term goals with a clear action plan, based on our long term targets.


Vision and Values

  • 4Es and P - High Energy, Ability to Energize others, Edge in taking decisions, Execution focus with tons of Passion

  • Hire best in class talent for AI, ML Engineering with research bend of mind

  • Absolute integrity in whatever we do; speak up when in doubt

  • A culture of complete openness, candor and voice & dignity

  • Cutting edge professionalism – including attire, communication and presentation

  • Sales management – including key account mapping, rigorous funnel management and on time delivery of projects

  • Embrace stretch goals and recognize great work.

  • Have delighted clients and delighted associates

  • Profitable growth with a client obsession mindset in solving their problems

  • Diversity with meritocracy - Equal Opportunity Employer

  • L.E.A.P sums up our associate values:

    • Learning​

    • Engaging

    • Achieving

    • Pioneering

"We will deliver business enabling innovative high quality solutions and products for our clients through an exceptionally talented, client-delight driven team that's humble, transparent and high integrity"

Appoach to Big Data Problem and AI

Our Approach to AI and Big Data Problems

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Meet the Team

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