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General Use

Besides the above industry specific use cases, AI finds a range of applications across various functions across a wide spectrum of industries and within an organization including Human Resources, Finance and Sales besides other functions. Some of the use cases include:

General use cases
Human Resources - the most common AI use cases for HR function include:
  • Talent Acquisition: For high volumes of recruitment, this helps with identifying the candidate fit

  • Associate Engagement: Insights using NLP to analyze associate sentiments and organization climate

  • Chatbots: To answer associate queries, explain process workflow and other FAQs freeing up HR time

General use cases
Finance - popular AI use cases in finance functions include:
  • Process automation by automating repetitive data entry tasks through RPAs.

  • New deal profitability prediction over deal lifetime based on past contract performance and other data

  • Extracting real intelligence from large volumes of data to balance revenues and profit

General use cases
Sales function has a vast range of use cases for AI including:
  • Demand forecasting based on customer data and prior sales outcomes

  • Lead generation and Predictive lead scoring enabling right prioritization for sales representatives

  • Sales contact analytics to predict the right sales behaviors to improve win rate

  • Chat/ Email bots for engaging clients till the prospect is qualified.

  • Sales call assistance and next step suggestion through post facto analysis of client conversation

  • Sales Manager analytics and smart report on priority setting for reps and manager.

  • Sales Process Automation through RPAs and enabling AI driven problem solving.

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