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Healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments for Data Analytics and Machine Learning with a wide range of applications ranging from Diagnosis Decision Support to Intuitive EHR usage. Some of the potential use cases include

Deep Learning for diagnosis decision support through training ML algorithms on:
  • Radiology images: MR, CT, Mammograms and X-ray

  • Digital pathology images: tissue diagnostics in oncology

  • Pathology: digital interpretation of blood and urine smears

Patient Experience Streamlining through client service improvements using data analytics:
  • Automation of repetitive tasks – eligibility checks, insurance claims, data migrations

  • Patient flow optimization – ER prioritization based on illness, injury, waiting times

  • Intelligent recommendations based on virtual chat review of patient symptoms

  • Personalize healthcare plans based on individual patients’ data analytics

  • Prioritize activities for faster in patient admissions and on-time discharge

Efficient data mining and management using AI for various applications including:
  • Personalized and predictive health through clinical and molecular patient data

  • Prediction of clinical, financial, operational risk for hospitals, diagnostic centers

  • Prediction of ICU transfers, improved clinical workflows and hospital driven risk

  • Wearable devise based health monitoring and real time alerts based on symptoms

Improved Process Efficiency through AI for intelligent data processing through:
  • Report summarization for quick reference through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Report linkages and trends through synthesis of reports e.g. tumor prognosis.

  • Making EHR usage more intuitive by automating routine processes.

  • Predicting serious health conditions such as infections, sepsis, antibody resistance

Advanced applications - a multitude of advanced applications such as:
  • Robot assisted or fully automated robotic surgery

  • AI assisted drug development, clinical trial decision support, clinical research

  • Smart medical devises – example ICU monitoring, ultrasound, ECG, implants

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