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Many times, we are saddled with elaborate documents or manuals from which we need specific information. It can be laborious and time intensive to go through the whole document for this. DocuBot is our innovative NLP product that can answer specific queries from a document based on the contents in the document. This is a powerful tool to answer all the comprehensive questions thereby saving precious time and effort while improving productivity. The AI model learns the contextual relationships and hence is able to provide relevant information in response to user queries.

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DocuBot product

How it works

Embed layer

Embedding Layer: The training data consists of answers and corresponding questions. Each of these can be broken into individual words and later into embeddings which is a form of vector representation of words.

Encrypt layer

Encoder Layer: Encoder layer consists of RNN network, that will understand the word which is before and after it. This will help the AI model to train better.

Attention layer

Attention Layer: Attention layer helps in narrowing down the answer that the AI model has to look for the given question which is the critical part of DocuBot.

Output layer

Output Layer: This layer contains a softmax function that will enable the AI model to produce beginning and end of the answer.


DocuBot feature -1

Use of probabilistic approaches to reduce the training time

High accuracy for new documents and size of training data required is minimal

DocuBot is generalized and can be used across different domains

The AI model can be easily customized by training the final layers of the model with new data to suit the new domain


While the possibilities are endless, some of the specific situations where DocuBot is immensely useful include:​

Troubleshooting Queries: Various companies provide large manuals to troubleshoot the software or hardware. This AI model can help in answering the specific questions of the customer or service engineer instead of running through the whole manual.

Product Queries: When a customer is trying to evaluate a product say an automobile, she/he will likely have a lot of queries and may need a specific information about the product. Instead of going through the detailed website of the automobile, the person can ask DocuBot to answer all the specific queries related to the automobile.

Employee Queries: While referring a company policy document, employees may have specific queries and can just ask Docubot to provide relevant details. These queries can range across a range of functional policies such as Leave, Travel & Living, Quality, Regulatory, Legal, Integrity & Compliance, Employee Benefits, Suppliers, Channel Partners, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources to name just a few of them.

Annual Report Queries: While evaluating a company’s performance, DocuBot can answer specific queries related to sales, profitability, cash flow, order book, core growth, historical performance or other relevant details instead of a potential stock investor having to go through the entire report while deciding on a stock portfolio.

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