What we do

We deliver business enabling innovative, high quality solutions to our clients across a wide spectrum of industries and functions. This starts with an active engagement with our clients to understand their business problems in depth, and specifically helping identify those that can be solved through Data Analytics and Machine Learning (ML). We only select those use cases where AI and ML can actually provide cutting edge results.

Gather Data from clients and other sources, determine sufficiency, accuracy and apply data transformation techniques.

Out of a myriad range of possible use cases, we select the ones that have the maximum impact for a given organization driving revenue growth, cost reduction, productivity enhancements or a combination thereof. Once these are identified, we follow a systematic six step process to arrive at the right solution:

Understand the problem in depth through cross functional stakeholder interaction through a workshop with our clients.

e2e AI Business Consultancy

Continue post hand-over support through model re-training for making the model more and more robust.

Build the AI model or an ensemble of best fit AI models to address the business use case at hand.

Extensively test and validate the AI model to thoroughly check if the model efficacy in addressing the use case.

Create the final API, test deploy at client site and support the client with adoption across the relevant stakeholders.

Identify time intensive manual and repetitive steps that can be automated through AI infusion.

Under this stream, we perform a deep analysis of existing business process and focus on elimination of redundant steps while infusing AI for process simplification. The opposite also holds true where we identify potential process gaps and the necessity to introduce AI enabled mandatory checks & balances. This too is a six-step process:

Hold cross functional client workshop to understand the current processes and current timelines for each step.

Intelligent Process Transformation

Train users for successful deployment and last mile adoption within the organization.

Identify process gaps and need to introduce checks and balances - through ML driven automation.

Build custom algorithms to address business problems e.g. data migration across disparate data bases.

Test and validate the AI model to check the model robustness followed by deployment and process integration.

Identify available data sources and determine sufficiency and accuracy of available data for the enhancement.

AI infusion can greatly enhance the utility of an existing product or idea. As an example, automatic tumor contouring for MRI images can be a decision support tool for radiologists. Similarly report summarization through NLP can help the reader grasp the essence of a report through a concise summary. These follow a systematic six-step approach:

Hold in depth meeting with client product management to fully comprehend the product enhancements desired

Product and Idea Empowerment

Train product management team and hand-over the product to client.

Perform Data Analytics followed by Model Development including ensemble of models towards product development.

Test and validate the AI model to check results and retrain model if necessary.

Optionally develop UI/ UX for adoption and connectors for integration and UI/UX with existing product.

Management Consulting

We support organizations improve their performance specifically by infusing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve business problems through end-to-end consulting. We also help identify areas where AI could benefit the organization either by making an existing process more nimble and business friendly or by introducing automated checks and balances to prevent revenue leakages. Last but not the least, we help improve existing products or service offerings through AI enrichment. Our activities span across a range of industries including but not limited to: