Information Technology and Digital

Information Technology and Digital is another segment where AI is playing a vital role finding applications across the domain and most significantly in Network Cyber Security, Data Center optimization and Alerts prioritization. Some of the use cases in this domain include:

IT and Digital

Network Cyber Security including:

  • Gap analysis of current controls

  • Threat prediction based on hacker trends

  • Security breach risk prediction

  • Fast response to incidents

  • Accurate and up to date IT asset inventory within organization

  • Zero Day Attack prediction

IT and Digital

Anomaly detection with pattern Detection tools to detect unusual behaviour and regulate expected CPU utilization

IT and Digital

Data Center Optimization - real time usage and workload monitoring to optimize power usage effectiveness (PUEs)

IT and Digital

Data privacy effectiveness by deploying AI models on the edge

IT and Digital

Noise reduction  with prioritization of alerts based on business impact and filter out false positives

IT and Digital

Alert correlation with Automatic determination of relationship between different alerts and clustering the results