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Telecommunications is one of earliest adopters of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with many cutting edge use cases that include feasibility analysis for towers, cyber security for networks and client churn prediction. Some of the potential use cases include:

Dynamic price prediction to reduce order closure times through predictive analysis:
  • Market factors – current market price, geographical considerations, client history

  • Technical factors – signal strength, tower distance

  • Client specific factors – propensity to negotiate, client decision approval process

Geospatial Analysis for Feasibility detection to determine feasibility of coverage through:
  • 3D Maps and topographical analysis to determine coverage and mast height

  • Object detection using Artificial intelligence

  • Roof top delineation/ demarcation to determine tower feasibility

  • Obstruction prediction using model training of past data points

Real Time Network Analytics and Action recommendation  to improve client loyalty:
  • Real time data on individual B2B and B2C clients

  • Usage trends e.g.. Voice, Video, text, social media, time spent on device etc.

  • Personalized recommendations based on data using Artificial Intelligence

Cyber security - gap analysis of current controls and pro-active action for network security:
  • Threat prediction based on hacker trends

  • Security breach risk prediction

  • Faster response to incidents preventing breakdowns

  • Accurate and up to date IT asset inventory within organization

  • Zero Day Attack prediction

Client Churn Prediction  based on:
  • Market pricing and User Price Elasticity trends

  • Demographics – gender, age group, income levels, class of usage, pre or post paid clients

  • Competitive trends, new technology, new players and market dynamics

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