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Across many industries, there is an increasing need for ensuring the address provided by your customer is complete and accurate. This includes Banks & Financial Institutions, Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers, Public & Private sector employers, Service providers such as mobile, internet, utilities and many others. Geocoder is an AI application developed in-house at MCG that can validate the address provided and also enhance the accuracy and completeness of the address.

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GeoCoder product

How it works

Address providd

Addresses provided by customers are passed through the GeoCoder AI model which breaks down the address into its individual components like state, city, street number, pin(zip) code and others

Address to co-ordinates

The model then scans the components and based on which assigns the score to the address to say it can be geo-coded (provided a latitude-longitude pair on earth’s surface) or not

Co-ordinates verified

Once the address passes the geo-coding test, it is passed through a second AI model within the Geo Coder. This AI model uses advanced NLP techniques, mostly based on transformers model to do the comparison with address data-base

GeoCoded investigations

Based on address matching, the Geo-coder assigns a probability score to the customer provided address based on which the need for further investigations can be decided


GeoCoder features -1

Address validation

GeoCoder features -2

Address Quality Enhancement

GeoCoder features -3

Ensemble AI modelling techniques

GeoCoder features -4

Use of Transformers to achieve robust accuracy


Given the increased security and KYC (Know Your Customer) across a myriad range of industries, Geo coder will be immensely beneficial for address matching, validation and accuracy improvement in:

Banks & Financial Institutions

Telecommunications (B2C and B2B)

Public & Private Sector employers

Driving License issuance

Aadhar Address verification

Any industry needing address verification

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