Project Manager - GeoSpatial Analytics

Full Time Role, Remote Working

As a Project Manager for a fast-growing start-up AI/ML organization, the incumbent would be required to have a good hands-on experience in managing projects preferably on GIS.

Roles and Responsibilities

Develop project plans with clearly defined scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders including but not limited to product, engineering, AI-ML specialists, external customers and ensuring technical feasibility.

Coordinate with cross functional team members to ensure all parties are on track with the project scope, resource and technical requirements, deadlines and schedules.

Collaboratively develop a detailed project plan to define clear project milestones with external client agreement.

Track progress in a disciplined manner to ensure all execution timelines are met by applying Agile principles.

Escalate any delays or bottlenecks immediately to top management &/ or respective stakeholders to demand and get timely solutions for getting project on track.

Plan project review with all stakeholders at regular cadence depending on complexity of the project.

Ensure on-time Project Delivery to meet client requirements.

Ensure adherence to the execution quality standards at every stage of project.

Understand deeply and facilitate change requests as per external client and ensure that all stakeholders are updated of impacts on scope, schedule and budget.

Own the development lifecycle and be responsible for mitigating all the risks throughout the project.

Act as SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) between Client and the entire organization.

Use appropriate systems, tools and techniques to measure the project performance including but not limited to the latest tools such as Agile, JIRA, Trello, Confluence among others.

Develop methodologies, standards and training material in line with each unique project.

Identify and develop new expansion opportunities with the client by building deep relationships with end-clients.

Effective Resource management balancing cost effectiveness without compromising the project deliverables.

Carry out geo-processing tasks, perform deep analysis and enable timely completion of development teams/partners by removing project bottlenecks if any.

Perform intelligent analysis of periodic client feedback through active listening and provide effective reporting.

Qualifications, Experience and Leadership Attributes

Bachelor of Engineering/ Bachelor of Technology or equivalent degree in Computer Science from a reputed institution with a minimum of 3-5 years of project management experience.

Proven track record in successfully executing typical and complex Geo-spatial Analytics projects

Attention to detail and active listening.

Ability to work effortlessly in teams through collaboration while energizing others.

High Integrity, candor and ability to win client trust through honest communication.

Excellent communication – verbal and written, and presentation skills.

Expertise in all office tools such Excel, Power point, Word, Keynote, Pages, Google Docs

Comfort with working in a virtual environment.

Fluency in spoken English and at least one local (Indian) language.

A genuine passion for clients, project management and execution discipline

Negotiation skills and ability to tactfully explain the client’s scope of activities clearly and fearlessly.

Experience in open source GIS tools such as QGIS, GRASS, ArcGIS etc is highly desirable.

Experience of GIS software and geospatial applications would be desirable.

Expertise in Python.

Understanding of data modelling is a must.

Knowledge on Design thinking is mandatory.

Knowledge on Micro-services architecture is mandatory.

Certifications like PMP, GISCI, etc. is mandatory.

Meet our LEAP attributes through a culture of Learning, Engaging, Achieving and Pioneering – in all activities.

About MCG

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