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3D Spotter

Telecom companies often have to make critical decisions about the height of the mast required based on whether the client provided latitude-longitude coordinates are on ground or on roof-top. The mast height directly impacts the cost of the project and is a critical consideration for telecom companies. To address this issue, we have developed our AI model - 3D Spotter that is an advanced application to tell whether the given geo-coordinates are on rooftop or ground. It uses satellite images as input data as opposed to cluster maps thereby improving accuracy of prediction.

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3D Spotter product

How it works

Geo-location images

The input would be the given geo-coordinates and satellite images of good resolution

Computer vision processing

The satellite images are pre-processed using advanced Computer Vision (CV) techniques

Enhances quality of images

This enhances the quality around the coordinates thereby improving overall resolution

Satellite image

The satellite image is now passed through a customized variant of Resnet AI CV model pre-trained to detect rooftop

Doubly processed

As a final step the processed image from the first AI model is passed through a second AI model

Detects rooftops

This determines whether the given coordinates are on ground or rooftop, the final output of the model


3D Spotter features -1

Use of advanced Computer Vision architecture that can achieve excellent accuracy

3D Spotter features -2

Minimal use of data for training the second AI model

3D Spotter features -3

Cost effective method to perform rooftop/ ground detection

3D Spotter features -4

Custom architecture that can do the computation much faster than conventional methods


3D Spotter is a specialised AI model for Telecommunications sector and the primary application of this is to determine the location of the geo coordinates provided by telecom customers for antenna placement lie on ground or on rooftop. This helps telecom companies determine feasibility and provide an accurate cost, feasibility and effort estimate to their customers.

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